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Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Hi guys, I haven't update any post on bloggy for a few days. I actually don't know what to post. It's 2.10am here and I still can't sleep. So I decided to update any kind of post here. Okay. Since im here right now, I wanna tell you what did I do today.

Nothing much really. Im pretty sick right now. 2 ways to go for my leg operation. Guys, wish me luck. Alright ? Pray for my health. I thank you so much for you guys. Im kinda nervous actually LOL. but it's ok. I hope i'll be fine.

I haven't go to school for almost one week. I got MC from the hospital. I missed my friends. I missed gossiping with them, i missed laughing with them. They're the best friend ever . But I don't miss homeworks ! I know you guys hates homeworks aye? everyone hates it haha . Okay. whatever actually, i don't really care :p

I ate my medicine just now. and im kinda sleepy right now. Zzzz . LOL. I wanna sleep but I can't because ........


Sunday, 20 February 2011

oh hello .

Hello there. Im Shasha. I don't know what and how to start because everyone know that i suck at it. Well, I describe myself as a friendly person. I hate being snobbish becuse i think its making people around you hates you. To be honest, im a nice person if you get to know me but sometimes i easily mad and annoyed. I am a hot tempered girl and i try to cool down and im working on it, so dont worry . I wont bite.

I am addicted to fashion. New york streets fashion. Aren't they very gorgeous? Well, it is for me. I love shoes or people call it Heels? Oh yes! I think heels are very suit for girls because it shows how sexy they are. So be feminine girls :)

I love making new friends. Im very rich rich rich of friends and also haters! So, haters, can't ya'll just back off? Don't judge people you dont know. I know you guys don't have a life. So, i call it lifeless eh ? Oh otherwise haters, your words wont bring  me down. I know you only can judge people and click on that anon button on formspring. Haters are just gonna hate. Trust me, that's very shameless.

Mostly people don't believe that i don't go clubbing, im not a smoker, i never try shisha and the important one is I am a virgin. So give me a big big clap. I told ya, I love myself. Virgin is like a unicorn. Its a sin to have sex before marriage. Just want to tell you, save your virginity for your future husband and not your boyfriend because we all dont know what gonna happen soon in the future. So better save it. Im not trying to be an asshole here but it's just an advice from me .

I live with a very big happy family. I love my family more than anything. And one more thing, I don't believe in first love. It's a lieeee. so yea. Thanks for reading my tumblr. Wish you guys have a nice day . Take care Fellasss.

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